Collective Commitments

HSCHS Collective Commitments
At Hot Springs County High School, our collective commitments serve as a means of establishing a culture of learning based on a shared purpose, reflective of our values as educators and professionals. These collective commitments will guide our daily work and decision making as well as provide informal personal reflection.
  1. We will commit to fostering the academic, social, and emotional growth of ALL HSCHS students.
  2. We will hold ALL students to high academic and behavioral standards regardless of background, label, or past experience.
  3. We will be professional as a staff and provide positive modeling of kindness, integrity, and respect for our students and others to follow.
  4. We will maintain a supportive collaborative atmosphere, with all adults open and ready to learn from others as professionals and as colleagues.
  5. ALL students will experience an engaging, supportive, and rigorous learning environment as preparation for life beyond high school, including career-technical, college, and military readiness.
  6. ALL HSCHS staff will commit to life-long learning by being active participants in professional development and peer collaboration, implementing new strategies, and best practices for each student’s success.
  7. Mutual accountability is key to our success.  At HSCHS we will continue to develop a culture of shared leadership and decision making that is student-centered.
  8. At HSCHS, we will create a sense of belonging by welcoming, celebrating, and respecting individual differences within our school community.