School Attendance: 
Attendance is directly linked to student success in school, when your student is well and healthy we need them to be in attendance at school for in-person instruction.  Students will be allowed 16 total parent excused absences throughout the school year, this is limited to 8 absences per semester.  The total 20 parent excused absences include family trips, working at the family business, weddings, funerals, adoptions, and “sick days” that are parent prescribed without a doctor note.   Anything beyond the 16 total parent excused absences, 8 absences per semester, must include a medical note for each day or series of days the student will be absent.  As a family please discuss the need to save absences for sickness, unforeseen family events, etc.
Athletic/Activity Attendance:
1.  Attendance- Day of Activity
A student must be in regular class attendance in order to participate in an activity that day.  Example: Activity leaving at noon: Students must be in attendance from the first bell until coaches scheduled departure time.  If a student is truant the preceding day and the trip leaves before school is in session the following day they are not eligible to participate.  Example:  A student misses any portion of Thursday school and the trip leaves 7:30 am Friday.  Any exception for doctor appointments or critical family emergencies must be cleared with the AD/Principal to participate.  A one-time emergency exemption may be granted at the discretion of the AD/Principal.  Early notification will be considered when deciding exemptions.
2.  Release of students for activities
Coaches and sponsors will get release times pre-approved through AD/Principal and submit a list of traveling students to the attendance secretary, AD & Principal, via email, 3 days prior to departure.  Any changes must be reported to the attendance secretary before departure.  Students will not be released from class until the secretary or their designee does so via the intercom.  Students will report to coaches and sponsors at such time without leaving campus.  Leaving without permission from the office could result in the student not participating in activities that day.
3. Absent for 3 or more days 
  • If a student misses 3 or more days during the activities’ week, they may only participate at the discretion of the Principal or AD if the absence was prearranged and approved or if the student has a medical note. Playing time will be at the discretion of the activity coach or sponsor.
4. Illness
  • A student will not participate in any school activity if they were absent any portion of the day of the activity because of illness or extended time in the nurse’s’ care.
  • Students under a doctor’s care, due to illness or injury are not to participate in any activity without a doctor’s release.
  • If a student is absent on Friday, in order to participate on Saturday, they need a written doctor’s note stating that it is okay to participate.  IMPORTANT: The Coach/Sponsor must have the note in hand prior to the student participating on Saturday.  Truancy or unexcused absences will result in an athlete not participating.
5. Attendance day after activity
Coaches and students are expected to be in school and on time on all school days after an activity trip.  Illness is an excusable absence but being tired should not be used as an excuse to miss educational opportunities.
6. Daily Eligibility based on attendance
  • If the participant is marked absent from school for one period or more, he/she is ineligible to practice or participate in any extracurricular event on the day of the absence. The only absences excluded are APPROVED school activity or verified medical excuse. The Principal or Athletic Director must approve any other emergency exception.
  • Students marked “Tardy” for any class period other than the first hour will be ineligible to practice or participate that day.  Students that are more than 5 minutes late to any class period should be marked as absent.
7. Known Absences
When a student knows that he/she is going to be absent from school, either for a school activity or for any reason, he/she should make preparations for assignments before his/her absence.  If this is not possible, make-up work should be done as soon as possible.  Do not carry incompletes.  The teacher is responsible for giving make-up tests to the student.  Rule of thumb:  ONE EXTRA DAY TO COMPLETE MAKE-UP WORK FOR EACH DAY MISSED.